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Unlimited Zoo Series,
Livestreams, Podcasts and more.

Start your Zoo Adventure today.

Your Behind the Scenes Zoo Membership.

Get access to Livestream footage and Zoo Series.

Educational Daily Livestreams.

Livestreams that are directly linked to school curriculum.

View On Demand Zoo Series.

Meet Australia’s unique wildlife, on any device.

Watch at School or in the Comfort of your own Home.

Access Zooflix wherever you have an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zooflix is a streaming service that puts you in the zoo.

Watch Zooflix on any internet device for a fixed monthly or annual subscription.

Prices start from $10 per month for an Individual plan. School plans are priced based on the number of students enrolled.

You can watch Zooflix from any device, simply login at Zooflix.com.

You can cancel your Zooflix account at any time, just click this link https://zooflix.com/cancel-membership/

Watch On Demand Zoo Series.

Livestreams with our amazing Wildlife Ambassadors.

Livestreams of zoo animals.

You can contact us at info@zooflix.com

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